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Waterford Micro Cuvee Lomhar 50%

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Waterford Micro Cuvee Lomhar


Per the request of CEO Mark Reynier, Waterford's head distiller - Ned - created a winter-warmer with an 'assemblage' of maturing stock. Using ten single-farm distillates, plus an organic distillate made from the barley of six farms, Ned crafted a unique recipe, before finishing it off with the last of the liquid from the 35-litre blood tubs of Waterford's first cuvée release. The result is Lómhar - pronounced like 'lover' - a fruity, spiced, warming dram that's perfect to take the edge off winter's chill.

Nose:  Malty, fruit cake, cloves, orange chocolate, crème caramel, barnyard, red currants, forest undergrowth and white pepper.

Palate: Spiced cinnamon apple with custard, milk chocolate and fruit compote.

Finish:  A warm gentle spice with chocolate, dry and lingering.

Bottle 245/1100