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Teeling 28YO Vintage Reserve

Teeling 28YO Vintage Reserve

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Distilled in 1991, Teeling 28 Year Old was initially matured in Bourbon casks, then married in Sauternes wine casks before being bottled in March 2020. Official tasting notes describe it as having aromas of “white peaches, cut grass, white chocolate and a hint of toasted almonds” with notes of “ripe peaches, honey, smoked sea saltiness and subtle spices” on the palate. It ends with a “long and mellow” finish featuring a “continuation of the sweet spice” notes.

Building on the major international success of the Teeling 24 Year Old Single Malt which won the World’s Best Single Malt in 2019 at the World Whiskies Awards, Teeling released the Teeling 28 Year Old Single Malt. Limited to just 4,000 bottles, this rare bottling is one of the oldest Single Malt Irish Whiskeys ever bottled. This special bottling was first distilled in 1991 and matured in Bourbon casks then allowed marry in Sauterne wine cask, allowing for a wholly unique Irish whiskey taste experience.

Tasting Notes

White peaches, cut grass, white chocolate and a hint of toasted almonds.

Silky smooth with ripe peaches, honey, smoked sea saltiness and subtle spices on the tongue.

Long and mellow with a continuation of the sweet spice.

Teeling Whiskey 28 Year Old Single Malt has been crowned World’s Best Irish Single Malt at the 2021 World Whiskies Awards! This is the third year in a row Teeling Whiskey have picked up the award for World's Best Irish Single Malt!

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