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Stolichnaya Hot Jalapeño Vodka

Stolichnaya Hot Jalapeño Vodka

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Rich and powerful, Hot Pepper Vodka by Stoli is made to surprise and amaze in original cocktails! Fragrance is dominated by the jalapeño and black pepper scent. Taste is spicy, strong and totally surprising. The triple filtration, first on very fine quartz sands and then through Russian birch charcoal, gives to Stolichnaya vodka a unique flavor, so much that it's universally recognised as one of the best vodka on the market. Suggested cocktail: Stoli Hot Bloody Mary 2 parts of Stoli Hot Vodka 4 parts of tomato juice 0.5 part of lime juice 0.25 part of Barbaforte a bit of worcestershire sauce a bit of hot pepper excellent help against the hangover!

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