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SLYRS Single Malt Whisky Classic 43% 5cl Sample

SLYRS Single Malt Whisky Classic 43% 5cl Sample

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This is a 5cl sample decanted into generic bottle from original 70cl.

SLRYS stands for gentle prepared whisky which develops its full-bodied aroma over the long fermentation process. The Single Malt Whisky Classic is a very classic type which is available online. This whisky is stored in American white oak barrels and is prepares with pure water from the Alps and Bavarian summer barley. Order online now and enjoy a superb single malt whisky.

Product Features

Bavarian summer barley, ripened on fertile ground makes this classical produced whisky a single malt whisky in a class of its own. Because of gentle kiln-dried and carefully malted process the barley releases its full body of aroma. This masterpiece needs to be enjoyed pure or on the rocks.

Degustation & Recommendation

Single Malt Whisky is a traditional whisky, which can be enjoyed pure or in cocktails. We recommend trying at least one glass pure to enjoy the full-bodied aroma.

Typical for SLYRS

Maceration: pure mineral water during the maceration is the reason for a perfect texture of the barley mash. For SLYRS Single Malt Whisky only the purest water is used.
Distillation: SLYRS Whisky is multiple distilled and particularly slow processed. For this reason, the aroma stays and can show its full body during the fermentation.
Cellaring: The burnt American white oak barrels give a note of wood and smoke aroma to the Single Malt. Like this it matures gentle under the observant eye of the experienced distillers.


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