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Roe & Co Coffee Stout Cask Finish 5cl Sample

Roe & Co Coffee Stout Cask Finish 5cl Sample

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This is a 5cl sample filled from original bottle

Roe & Co Coffee Stout Cask Finish from the Cask & Keg series is an exciting new small batch release. The culmination of an experimental flavour collaboration between Roe & Co Irish whiskey and its Dublin 8 Neighbours, The Guinness Open Gate Brewery.


Creamy vanilla, hints of chocolate coated honeycomb, sweet caramel, cacao, fruity confectionary candied ginger and tropical fruit background of distant dried mango and hessian sacks.


Smooth slow drip coffee and sweet hard toffee, slight hint of molasses
with some fruit there behind the freshly ground coffee notes –pineapple, pear, cream soda, and subtle gentle herbal/soft wood spice – thyme, allspice, mace.


Creamy vanilla and hazelnut mouth coating with a gentle lingering of
subtle roasted malt/coffee grounds acidity taste.

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