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Red Spot 15 Year Old Single Pot Still 5cl Sample

Red Spot 15 Year Old Single Pot Still 5cl Sample

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Experience the rich and exquisite taste of Red Spots 15 Year Old Single Pot Still Whiskey in a convenient 5cl sample. Indulge in the perfect blend of flavor and tradition, sip by sip

Introducing the Red Spot 15-Year-Old Single Pot Still Whiskey, a true masterpiece in every sense of the word. Distilled using only the finest ingredients and aged to perfection for 15 long years, this whiskey is not one to be missed. Every sip delivers a bold and complex flavor profile that tantalizes your taste buds with notes of toasted oak, burnt sugar, and rich vanilla. With its smooth finish and unmistakable aroma, the Red Spot 15-Year-Old Single Pot Still Whiskey has quickly become a fan favorite among connoisseurs around the world. So why wait? Experience it for yourself with our convenient 5cl sample size bottle today!

  • Experience the rich and complex flavors of Red Spot 15-Year-Old Single Pot Still whiskey with a convenient 5cl sample
  • Enjoy a smooth and warming finish that lingers on the palate, making Red Spot an ideal choice for sipping or mixing in cocktails
  • Treat yourself or gift to a fellow whiskey enthusiast with this miniature bottle that showcases the iconic red spot emblem of Mitchell & Son's historic wine merchants

This is a 5cl sample decanted into generic bottle from original Red Spot 70cl

The latest addition to the Spot series, the Red Spot 15 Year Old Single Pot Still. A whiskey that has been matured in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala wine casks.

Its name originates from the Mitchell family’s whiskey bonding business, whereby different casks would be marked with a spot of paint, such as; Blue Spot, Green Spot, Yellow Spot & Red Spot. Both bottle and case are in excellent condition.

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