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Prichard's Rye Whiskey

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The nose is deliciously spicy and sweet associated (honey, fruit). After that, it's the full spiciness you can expect from a rye whiskey. It's quite decent and lovely for occasional drinking, but no candidate for a list of essential whisk(e)ys.
  • Nose
    It has a sweet variant of the typical rye whiskey smell, which is spicy (it reminds me of juniper and pine needles), but it's honeyed, fruity (sweet orange, apricot, banana, papaya), a little on the sugary corn-side, plus some wood influence (fresh wood staves, resin)
  • Taste
    A bit thin, less sweet than the nose suggest. It's rather spicy actually: juniper, clove, pepper and a hint of cinnamon. The honey plays 2nd violin, the fruitiness has mellowed down to the background strings.
  • Finish
    Rather short, in which the spiciness of the taste is continued and accompanied by some ginger. It reminds me of some old cough syrup with a lot of herbs in it.