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Murphy Stout Whiskey Friend Or Foe 5cl Sample Dram

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Friend or Foe
Second release ‘Friend or Foe’ is a single pot still whiskey. Launched to commemorate the centenary of Michael Collin’s death. A carefully selected first fill bourbon cask finished in blood tubs.
On the nose, there’s a blast of oak at the start but hidden behind it are waves of spices and fruit. Nutmeg and ground cloves and tart green apples or red berries which gives this drop an impressive profile. By adding a drop of water, the oak falls into the background allowing the fruit to come to the forefront. It’s sweetness flows up the nostrils, close your eyes and you’ll picture ripe juicy fruit freshly cut. The spice hasn’t left yet, but it’s altered slightly. Ground allspice and a hint of cinnamon.
On the palate, initially this flows over the mouth and tongue and coats the entirety with a warm syrup like texture. The flavour begins with oak and a vanilla background, where those first fill bourbon barrels show their colours. After a few seconds there’s a blast of intense spice that travels to the back of the throat, plenty of cloves and reminiscent of hot chilli’s. With a drop of water, the mouth feel is more subtle but still present.
The flavour profile changes, the blast of spice is replaced with fruit, apples and pears with a hint of green bell peppers. A bit unpleasant bitter quality as one finds in good dark chocolate. The spice lands later with the water, cinnamon and a kick of cayenne chilli. The finish, well to be honest it’s still going on. This whiskey leaves a lasting impression but more in sensation and texture than taste
At Murphystout whiskey co we DO NOT chill filter any of our whiskey. We believe in producing a more natural whiskey, retaining the full character and taste imparted by its cask and the  aging and maturing process. The removal of all the naturally  fatty acids, esters, and proteins form the original whiskey affects the final flavour profile .