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Midleton Very Rare 2022 5cl Sample Dram

Midleton Very Rare 2022 5cl Sample Dram

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Indulge in the rarest of Irish whiskey experiences with Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release - now available in a convenient 5cl sample dram.

Indulge in the luxurious taste of Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release, a rare and exquisite Irish whiskey that will undoubtedly tantalize your senses. Savour the smoothness and complexity of this limited edition drink, made only with the finest quality ingredients by skilled artisans. Perfect for any discerning connoisseur or collector, its ultra-premium flavor profile delivers an unparalleled experience, capturing the essence of Ireland's rich history and culture. With a compact size of just 5cl per sample dram bottle, you can bring this bottled perfection wherever your journey takes you. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to taste Midleton Very Rare- order now!

  • Experience the exquisite taste of Midleton Very Rare Irish whiskey with its 2022 Vintage Release
  • Savor every sip of this premium quality whiskey that is carefully crafted and aged for exceptional flavor
  • Indulge in the smoothness and complexity of this limited edition whiskey, perfect for collectors or as a special gift

This is a sample 5cl filled from original bottle.

Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release

Since 1984, each Master Distiller of Midleton Very Rare uses their eye for detail, their passion for quality whiskey and their exemplary skill to create the pinnacle of Irish whiskey—our special vintage release.

The latest chapter of this renowned collection is adorned with the signature of our Master Distiller, Kevin O’Gorman. After months of exploration, O’Gorman crafted a balanced blend of rare and hand-selected single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys from Midleton’s exclusive inventory to create this truly special release.

A combination of whiskey aged between 12 and 33 years and matured in lightly charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels, the Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release delights with decadent flavours and a tantalising aroma. The aroma, taste and finish of this whiskey will enliven the palates of those new to this collection while taking the seasoned whiskey collector on a journey through an exciting exploration of taste.

ABV 40%

AromaFruit-led introduction with fresh citrus notes of mandarin and candied apple, while dustings of white pepper with grated nutmeg deliver subtle levels of spice that complement the rich and velvety tones of hazelnut chocolate and toffee. Carefully balanced, the charred oak works in tandem with the elegant grain character, elevating the delicate and nuanced fresh floral tones with the addition of sweet vanilla and warming toasted wood aromas.

TasteCaramelised red apples and orange zest with luscious, sweet, and decadent waves of crème brûlée that seamlessly intertwine with the pot still spices and cereal undertones, creating an intriguing and wonderful medley of fruits and spices.

FinishRich and lasting finish in which the grain and pot still spices are the first to softly fade allowing the oak, after years of carefully maturing the spirit, to have the final say.

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