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Midleton Kilranelagh Dair Ghaelach 6 Trees Set (Tree1-6)

Midleton Kilranelagh Dair Ghaelach 6 Trees Set (Tree1-6)

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Introducing the fifth addition to the Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghael ach collection, Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kilranelagh Wood. This exquisite expression, finished in Kilranelagh Estate’s virgin Irish oak, unfolds a captivating narrative of floral honey and cinnamon spice with a full bodied nature that adds another remarkable chapter to the Dair Ghaelach legacy.
The Midleton Dair Ghaelach series, translating simply to ‘Irish oak’, is the result of a six-year exploration led by Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman to unveil the potential of native Irish oak in the maturation of Irish whiskey. When embarking on this journey, the project rested on two principles: sustainably sourcing Irish oak for long-term viability and creating an unparalleled style of Irish single pot still whiskey. Continuing this mission, the Kilranelagh Estate, nestled in Wicklow's rolling hills, became the focal point for the fifth chapter. From the native woodland carefully managed since the 1600s, six impressive Irish oak trees were chosen by Midleton’s specialist forestry team to craft the exclusive Hogshead casks. Through diligently processing the wood, each bottle of Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kilranelagh Wood can be traced right back to the very oak tree that helped to create its refined and unmistakable taste.


This set includes all six trees from the Midleton Kilranelagh Dair Ghaelach release.

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