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Jim Mac Irish Whiskey 70cl

Jim Mac Irish Whiskey 70cl

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Jim Mac Irish Whiskey  

We are celebrating the launch of a new Irish whiskey with a unique sporting connection. Jim Mac Irish Whiskey is a special premium blended Irish whiskey, packed with character and featuring a careful mix of grain and malt. The grain has been matured in first fill bourbon casks. The malt has been exclusively matured in first fill Oloroso sherry casks giving it a depth of flavour and character. It has rich spiced fruit, vanilla and Christmas cake notes and develops into a warm lingering smooth finish.

Hurling, the ancient game of Ireland, has always been played with passion and ferocity, enflaming local rivalries that are already in the DNA. On the playing field old battles are refought and old wounds deeply felt. This is where the brave stand up to be counted, where loyalties are forged and where legends like Jim McDonnell are made.

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