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Jameson Blenders Dog 70cl

Jameson Blenders Dog 70cl

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Part of Jameson’s celebrated Whiskey Makers Series, which features three bottles each focusing on a different crucial role in the whiskey-making process: the Head Cooper, the Master Blender and the Head Distiller. This particular bottling is dedicated to the hard work of the Master Blender Billy Leighton. Here, Blender’s Dog is not a reference to Billy’s pet, but rather the crucial tool that blenders use to taste the whiskey as it rests in the cask. The Blender’s Dog is a whiskey that celebrates the balance between spirit and cask that all blenders strive for. The whiskey is replete with chewy butterscotch notes, hints of dusty oak and a fresh cereal character. The flavours are all the more powerful for being bottled without chill filtration. An excellent dram to recognise the blender’s art!

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