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Grace O'Malley Dark Charred Cask Whiskey 5cl Sample

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This is a 5cl sample decanted into generic bottle from original Dark Charred Cask 70cl

The Grace O'Malley Dark Char Cask Irish Whiskey is a balanced and harmonious blend, which matures to perfection for an extra 3 months in charred Class 4 oak casks. The blend is a mixture of different double and triple distilled whiskeys of different ages from our regular distillery. The whiskeys that come together in this unique blend are up to ten years old. The individual whiskeys mature in different and carefully selected barrels until they finally meet in the charred oak barrel. This sophisticated method of production, together with a great deal of attention to detail ultimately results in the perfect blend of fruitiness, complexity and maturity. In addition, the gentle, smooth smoky taste gives Grace O'Malley Dark Char Cask Irish Whiskey its very distinctive character.