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Bodegas Altun Everest

Bodegas Altun Everest

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This wine is made with Tempranillo grapes from our own vineyards that are over 100 years old with a production of less than 2,500 kg per hectare.

After the selection of the best bunches, they are transferred to the winery in small boxes of 10 kilograms to be selected at the table before being bled.

It is made in a small open stainless steel tank, with a capacity of about 5,000 kg., In which a bleed is previously carried out after vatting.

The hat is punched daily and crumbled for the extraction of the noblest tannins until the end of its fermentation.

In the end, about 2,000 liters of a powerful and structured broth are obtained that will later go to new French oak barrels.

This wine is only released on the market in the vintages desired for its quality.


Powerful on the palate with an elegant, expressive and very long body.

Rioja DOCa, Spain

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