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Green Spot Single Cask 5cl Sample Dram

Green Spot Single Cask 5cl Sample Dram

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Indulge in the rare and refined taste of Green Spot Single Cask - a prized collectible whiskey with its potent cask strength, now available in a convenient 5cl sample dram.

Indulge in the ultimate whiskey experience with the Green Spot Single Cask 5cl Sample Dram. This exquisite collector's item is a rare gem that boasts of a single pot still Irish whiskey crafted to perfection. With its cask strength, this delicious spirit delivers an intense and robust flavor profile with every sip, highlighting hints of caramelized apple, toasted oak and warm spice. The Green Spot Single Cask 5cl Sample Dram offers a unique taste you won't find anywhere else - one that will surely leave your palate craving for more. So why wait? Add this coveted treasure to your collection today!

  • The 5cl sample dram is perfect for collectors who want to add this exclusive whiskey to their collection
  • Experience the authentic taste of Irish whiskey that has been aged in a single cask, resulting in a oneofakind flavor profile
  • Treat yourself or impress your guests with this premium quality collectible whiskey that showcases the best of Irish distilling traditions

This is a 5cl sample dram filled from original bottle into a generic glass bottle

A very limited cask strength edition of the iconic Green Spot Single Pot Still. The growing popularity of the Spot Whiskey range, added to the rarity of this bottling make this an extremely collectible whiskey. Only 312 bottles produced.

10 Year Old Single Cask 55.5%ABV

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