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Boatyard Double Gin

Boatyard Double Gin

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A smooth, juniper-led dry Gin, with notes of citrus crush and floral sweetness. 

Our local grain is brewed and fermented for five days before we distil using both pot and column stills for ultimate purity. As our distillation runs off the column at 96%, we introduce a unique juniper filtration process which Dutch gin spirit distillers call ‘dubbel gebeide genever’. This double Contact method results in an even more pronounced juniper flavour. The collected spirit, along with our carefully chosen organic botanicals, are given one final distillation for a richer, deeper flavour.

Local Grain per bottle;

  • Juniper 86%
  • Coriander 11%
  • Liquorice Root 0.45%
  • Angelica 0.45%
  • Orris 0.23%
  • Lemon 0.45%
  • Grians of Paradise 0.45%
  • Sweet Gale 0.45%
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