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Amarula Ethiopian Coffee

Amarula Ethiopian Coffee

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  • Ethiopian Coffee combines the unique flavour of real Marula fruit with the full-bodied, fragrant mocha-chocolate undertones of single-origin Ethiopian Arabica beans.

  • ABV:

  • 15.5%


  • The delicate blend of the wild Ethiopian Arabica beans with creamy notes of marula, citrus and caramel creates a drinking experience like no other!

  • Ethiopian Coffee Dalgona

    Treat yourself to a glass of light and airy coffee deliciousness

    What you’ll need for a perfect Coffee Surprise…


    50ml Amarula Ethiopian Coffee
    175ml Milk
    3 tbsp Instant Coffee
    2 tbsp Sugar
    3 tbsp boiling water


    1. Whisk the coffee, sugar and boiling water in a bowl for approximately 5 mins until the mixture is thick and fluffy with stiff peaks
    2. Add ice to glass
    3. Pour milk and Amarula Ethiopian Coffee over ice
    4. Spoon over dalgona cream coffee mix to layer
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