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Highland Park 18yo Dark Viking Pride Travel Edition

Highland Park 18yo Dark Viking Pride Travel Edition

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In 18 Year Old Viking Pride Travel Edition, we celebrate doing things our own way (often the hard way) and our commitment to the craft of whisky-making. One crucial aspect of that craft is harmonisation.

After marrying whisky from different casks together, we then give the liquid valuable time to harmonise in the cask before being bottled. A deliberately slow and unhurried stage, long since abandoned by many distilleries, cask harmonisation is what helps us achieve the intense balance that is our hallmark. By using a high proportion of first-fill sherry seasoned European and American oak casks and bottling 18 Year Old Viking Pride Travel Edition at its marrying strength of 46% ABV, the whisky’s delicious notes of heather honey, chocolate and cherries are intensified.

The resulting single malt whisky is rich and sweet, boasting a powerful balance of cherry jam, rich dark chocolate, heather honey and waves of floral, aromatic peat smoke.

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