Redbreast 10YO whiskey

Redbreast 10YO whiskey

Irish whiskey brand Redbreast has created a distillery-exclusive 10-year-old expression matured in four different casks.

redbreast 10 year

Labelled Redbreast 10 Year Old Distillery Edition, the expression is designed and crafted by master blender, Billy Leighton, in collaboration with blender, Dave McCabe.

It is said to be a re-creation of the original 10-year-old Gilbey’s expression that hasn’t been produced in 50 years, and another 10 year old bottling from 2021 which was released to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary since its resurrection.

To make this one, the two blenders used three distillate styles – a mix of light, medium and traditional pot stills – which were matured across four different cask types, including American Bourbon barrels, Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks and virgin European oak casks.

Leighton detailed: ”By using the full range of distillates alongside traditional barrels, those reserved for limited edition Redbreast offerings and the new introduction of virgin oak, the liquid serves as an homage to the full breadth of craft and flavour within the Redbreast family.

”Redbreast 10 Year Old Distillery Edition showcases not only the journey that the Redbreast brand has been on to date, but also foreshadows the unique tastes and flavours that are yet to come as the single pot renaissance continues.”

Thanks to the varied cask maturation, drinkers will notice the brand’s trademark flavours of sweet caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and clove, but alongside dried fruit characteristics brought about from the Sherry casks, and then wood spice, a note escalated through the use of virgin European oak casks.

For the finish, expect oak and woodland fruits to linger ‘gently’ until the end.

McCabe added: “It’s an honour for me to be part of Redbreast’s remarkable journey of success as it continues to flourish.

”What better way to pay tribute to this than by creating a liquid to celebrate the newly refurbished Midleton Distillery Experience, where the brand’s rich past, present, and future is showcased alongside those of Irish Distillers other remarkable Irish whiskey families?”

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