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Murphy Stout Whiskey

From a project that started on the Rugged Coastline of the Wild Atlantic Cork coast to the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square, Murphy Stout Whiskey have certainly made an impact on the Irish Whiskey Scene, more so in the US than at home. After just signing an Exclusive Distribution contract on the East Coast of the US, their Inaugural Release, Two Mayors has created a furore not witnessed, as an Independent Release, in many many years. Spokesman Lloyd Creagh joked “it’s for the few, not the many”. After recently being endorsed by the MacCurtain family and John Rhys Davies (Gimili) of Lord of the Rings fame, the sky is the limit for these 2 Proud Northside men. A Second release in honour of another fallen patriot is planned for this Summer, but first it’s New York on March 16th for the launch of Two Mayors

Lloyd Creagh(l) & James Murphy Stout of Murphy Stout Whiskey,  presenting Fionnuala MacCurtain, Grandaughter of Tómas MacCurtain, with Bottle #102 of their Inaugural Irish Whiskey  Release, Two Mayors. March 20th this year is the 102nd Anniversary of her Grandfather

Two Mayors Irish Whiskey

This whiskey has been produced in Cork, and is a tribute to two Lord Mayors of Cork - Tomás Mac Curtain and Terence McSwiney. Both of these great men fought and died for Ireland around 1920 in the War of Independence. This is a Limited Edition of a carefully selected Single Cask.

Friend Or Foe Irish Whiskey

Second release ‘Friend or Foe’ is a single pot still whiskey. Launched to commemorate the centenary of Michael Collin’s death. A carefully selected first fill bourbon cask finished in blood tubs.

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