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Jameson Black Barrel Proof 50% abv

This new expression will be bottled at 50% ABV without chill filtration, which the distillers are said to have found makes a rich, smooth whiskey that showcases the benefit that the tradition of barrel charring can add to one of the world’s leading Irish whiskeys.

Jameson Black Barrel Proof is a triple distilled blend of our small batch grain and traditional single pot still Irish whiskey and boasts a robust spiciness, with flavours of butterscotch and fudge,” explained Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman. “Paying tribute to the cooper’s skill, maturing a portion of our whiskey in double charred barrels brings out sweet and spicy characteristics in abundance as it penetrates deeper into the charred oak.”

He said that, like every family, Jameson is made up of individual characters with their own distinct personalities and that bottling Jameson Black Barrel at a higher strength is a great way to accentuate the characteristics of this whiskey to create a totally new experience for whiskey enthusiasts.

Here are the official Jameson Black Barrel Proof tasting notes.

  • Nose: Butterscotch sweetness and creamy, toffee, fudge aroma.
  • Taste: Rich smooth taste with a deep intensity and dialled up spicy notes, complemented by vanilla sweetness.
  • Finish: Smooth and rich finish with a hint of vanilla lingering on the palate.
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I have a bottle of Jameson black barrel 50% should I keep it or drink it

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