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Four Loko Launches In Ireland

Four Loko, the US alcoholic beverage brand which pushes boundaries and salutes those who dare to live in the moment, has hit the shelves here in Ireland

Created over a decade ago by two college graduates, Four Loko has established itself as the leading Ready To Drink (RTD) brand in the US, with its broad flavour range and successful marketing drive to create ‘Epic Stories’ for millennials and Gen Z consumers across the United States.

Taking the number one and two spots in value sales in the US market for the past five years*, the brand will launch four 8.5% ABV vodka spirit-based flavours.

A brand like no other, Four Loko offers unconventional flavours which really pack a punch. If you love creating experiences that are a little bit different, a little out there, a little crazier and a little unexpected, prepare to dive head first into nights full of epic stories and unforgettable memories.

For those who are bold enough to try something new, Four Loko has launched with four flavours, each bringing its own unique twist to the table.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, the Four Loko Gold gives a delicious, sweet hit which tastes like sweet fruits and tutti fruity combined.

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