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Crested Devils Ladder Released

The new Jameson Crested Finished in Devil’s Ladder Belgian Tripel Barrels whiskey is the second bottling created in partnership between the County Cork-based producers.

In September 2020, Pernod Ricard’s Irish Distillers arm and Eight Degrees Brewing unveiled a stout barrel-finished expression of Jameson Crested Irish whiskey.

Eight Degrees Brewing was acquired by Irish Distillers in 2018 to ‘secure a long-term supply of craft beer following the runaway global success of the Caskmates series’.

Irish Distillers blender Dave McCabe said: “It’s no secret that the flavours found in beer and whiskey complement each other.

“We are delighted that in recent years our relationship and indeed proximity to Eight Degrees Brewing here in Cork has created a canvas for collaboration and experimentation in this space, both as part of the Jameson Caskmates series and beyond.”

In 2020, the Irish brewer finished its Belgian Tripel beer in Jameson Sherry casks to create a new beer.

As a result, Jameson was then inspired to mature its Crested whiskey in the producer’s Belgian Tripel beer barrels.

After four months of maturation, the resulting whiskey offer a ‘toasted cereal’ character with notes of spices, floral hops and sweetness.

McCabe said the limited edition whiskey brings “sweetness in the form of vanilla and brown sugar, as well as a roasted malt character and elevated clove notes”.

Daniel O’Shea, head brewer at Eight Degrees Brewing, added: “It was in the spirit of innovation that we decided to rest Devil’s Ladder in Jameson Sherry casks, adding sweetness and Christmas cake notes to our Belgian Tripel.

“We are thrilled that the story has now come full circle, with our beer imparting a delicate hoppy character to this iconic Irish whiskey.”

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