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Red Cups


Original Red Cups - 547ml

• American Red Beer Cups
• Material: Polystyrene plastic

• As seen in American movies such as, American Pie
• For cold drinks
• Disposable
• Recyclable
• Durable enough to be reused throughout the evening
• Great for parties and outdoor events

High quality disposable plastic party cups in a traditional American style. Perfect for home parties as well as games of Beer Pong. The cups are very sturdy and will easily withstand the stresses of a full nights partying. Each cup is disposable and fully recyclable.

These strong plastic tumblers are great for Beer, soft drinks and any other beverage you care to serve.

Eye catching and instantly recognisable style.

Create the perfect American High School/College image for your party with Original Red American Party Cups.


Iconic Red Design
Extremely Durable
Perfect For Beer Pong and other games


Diameter: 9.8cm
Height: 12cm
Capacity: 455ml (16oz)