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Monin Coffee Set 5 x 50 ml Syrups

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Five different syrups in glass bottles for a nice flavoured coffee or milk drink. In this set you will find these delicious varieties:

  • Roasted hazelnut - roasted probably the best nut there is.  Put the nut syrup on ice, in cold or warm milk. Even your espresso or cappuccino can be refined with it.
  • Amaretto - that you can make such a fine syrup from apricot kernels! Italian holiday feelings come up. Tiramisu, amaretto, amarettini.... give your coffee a boost with this aroma.
  • Vanilla - is a versatile flavour. Best suited to complete your coffee creations. 
  • Caramel - is just like vanilla a versatile aroma. Best suited to refine your coffee creations. The English also like to use the aroma in their teas. It is also popular in cocktails and desserts.
  • Gingerbread - the aroma is very popular during the winter. The spectrum of flavours is known from gingerbread: ginger and cinnamon. But also delicious in milkshakes or iced coffee all year round.

Content: 5 bottles of 50 ml each