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Fort of the Fianna Belgian IPA

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Fort of the Fianna Belgian IPA

Style: Belgian IPA
Malt: Irish pilsner malt, wheat.
Hops: Loral, dry hopped with HBC 522.
Yeast: BE256
IBUs: 44

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: pale in the glass with a mousy white head
Aroma: floral, elderflower musk, sweet citrus.
Flavour: a smooth mouthfeel and soft fruity start followed by strong grapefruit bitterness to finish. Think old school white-fleshed grapefruit and you won’t go far wrong.
Aftertaste: As bitter as your average Kerryman after they’ve lost the All-Ireland Final (with all due respect to our resident Kerryman).

Food Pairings
The delicious bitter flavour of this beer will play happily with a big serving of the best Belgian-style frites and mayo. Add a side of Glenbeigh moules for extra glory, but hold the lemon. You’ve all the bitterness you need in the glass. Try with a Moroccan butternut squash casserole to cut through the sweet veg and play happily with those spices. For the ultimate pairing, get a slice of pumpkin pie; the fruit and floral flavours of the beer will enhance the savoury-sweetness of this quintessential autumn desert.

Availability: 440ml cans.