Midleton Very Rare launches 2024 vintage

Midleton Very Rare launches 2024 vintage

On the 40th anniversary since the series began back in 1984 under the masterful eye of Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett, the legacy that is Midleton Very Rare continues with their latest highly anticipated 2024 vintage release, the fourth release from Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman.

The 2024 Midleton Very Rare Vintage is rooted in the award-winning Midleton Very Rare profile with a subtle twist of ripe stone and orchard fruit notes. Deliciously well balanced, this latest vintage combines pot still whiskeys with grain whiskeys creating uplifting floral, herbal and scented vanilla notes. Presented in a luxurious recyclable gift box, this unique bottling, coinciding with the ruby anniversary of the brand, will be available from 28th February.

The legacy of Midleton Very Rare began more than four decades ago, fuelled by the desire of the distillery’s then Master Distiller to create outstanding expressions. Each subsequent Master also began setting aside small quantities of exceptionally performing whiskey to allow for a new luxury offering in the world of Irish whiskey for years to come. Today, Midleton Very Rare marks 40 years since the release of its first vintage whiskey, and to further commemorate this landmark year for the brand, the 2024 Vintage will launch alongside the exclusive celebratory Midleton Very Rare 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition. 

Derived from Midleton’s renowned ‘Warehouse A2’, a traditional stone warehouse dating back to the 1860s where only the most exceptional liquid is stored for maturation, O’Gorman and his team handpicked a selection of rare single pot still and single grain whiskeys to create the 2024 Vintage. The whiskeys were matured in a mixture of first fill ex- American whiskey oak barrels and small number of refill ex-American whiskey oak barrels.

Drawing upon his wealth of experience in both distillation and maturation, O’Gorman has artfully created a whiskey that remains true to the Midleton Very Rare profile, while introducing a subtle yet defining twist for this year’s annual vintage. Including a range of traditional pot still whiskeys, encompassing light, medium and heavier styles, this this year’s profile adds an intricate layer of complexity to the liquid, producing delightful hints of ripe apple and sweet pear.  To achieve an exquisite balance of finesse and elegance, the grain element has been subtlety increased compared to last year’s vintage,imparting floral, rosewater and herbal notes. The increase in first-fill ex- American whiskey oak barrels contribute vanilla, toasted oak, and sweet notes which compliments and balances the enhanced grain inclusion. Exemplifying the mastery and innovation that has come to define Midleton Very Rare, the 2024 Vintage is a liquid deliciously well-balanced between distillate character and wood contribution, with an overall taste of tropical fruit notes, crème brûlée, toffee-apple and chocolate dipped honeycomb. 

Commenting on Midleton Very Rare 2024 Vintage, O’Gorman states,

“While every year the Master Distiller adds their own unique touch to the final product, the profile and very essence of Midleton Very Rare remains the same. When creating the annual vintage, my aim is to preserve the timeless elegance and finesse of the liquid that has become synonymous with the Midleton Very Rare brand over the last forty years, while introducing my own twist by carefully adjusting elements such as grain and pot still whiskey contributions, as well as cask selections, to unveil new flavours. We believe we have achieved just that with this year’s remarkable annual vintage, which we look forward to sharing with you all.”

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Official tasting notes

Richly scented vanilla with delightful floral and herbal notes to the fore, while aromas of orchard fruits gently build over time, adding ripe apple and sweet pear. The pot still spices, complemented by the nuanced American oak, add warming notes of cinnamon, clove and freshly mown hay that mingle with the delectable notes of toffee and heather honey.

Silky smooth and luscious at first with mouth-watering tropical fruit notes of peach and nectarine, combining effortlessly with the decadent tastes of crème brûlée, toffee-apple and chocolate dipped honeycomb.  The delicate floral grain qualities and full-bodied pot still spices combine seamlessly with the charred oak influences, showcasing a wonderfully balanced yet complex and elegant whiskey.

Lasting finish which sees the fruits and American oak continue to softly linger until the very end.

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